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“The Dragon Play” Interview with the Director Marya Mazor @ The Chance Theatre in Anaheim – VIDEO

July 23rd- August 23rd, 2015



Shot & Edited by Patrick Chavis

Interview with MARYA MAZOR, a critically acclaimed, award-winning director of theatre and film. In this interview, we cover her latest venture, The Dragon Play.

Synopsis: On a lonely farm in northern Minnesota, a husband and wife’s peaceful existence is shattered by the appearance of an unexpected visitor. On a hot stretch of highway in central Texas, a boy befriends a wounded dragon. Spanning two moments in time and space and blurring the lines between each, The Dragon Play explores what happens when reality and fantasy converge, when desire and duty conflict, and when our deepest secrets show up breathing fire. The result is a smoldering, brutally poetic pair of stories between humans and dragons that scales the soaring highs and scorching lows of enduring love. (taken directly from the website)

Photo courtesy: Doug Catiller, True Image Studio

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