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Written by Patrick Chavis 

The Long Weekend, playing now at Westminster Playhouse, is a comedy about the relationship amongst friends that love and hate each other’s guts. The Westminster Playhouse presents a funny show. Although, some technical acting quirks distract from the overall presentation of the material. 

The Long Weekend is a play about two couples spending a long weekend together in the country.  We discover the two friends’ spouses are having affairs, and the audience witnesses what happens to the characters due to their choices.

The script is snappy. There’s a joke about every three to four minutes. The characters’ personalities are distinctive, and you can understand them pretty quickly.  For example, we instantly understood that Max (Greg Strokes) is an elitist who thinks he’s always right and has the authority to chastise anyone that doesn’t know who John Coltrane was.  Besides the character work, the progression of jokes told in the play is solid, and you’re able to enjoy laughing about the different scenarios between the characters.   Watching Greg Stokes and Bill Paxon together on stage was a pleasure. These guys have great chemistry. I could have just watched the show even if they were the only actors onstage.

While the majority of the acting is good, there some apparent weak areas in the acting that’s apparent, but despite some roughness, much of the acting in this is quite good.

It’s a simple play with the message of the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.  If you’re looking for something with a deeper meaning, The Long Weekend is not the play for you.  However, it is funny and worth a look.

January 11-27, 2019

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