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World Premiere: Suprema @ STAGEStheatre in Fullerton – Review

Written by Patrick Chavis 

Wonder Woman is one of most famous superheroes ever created-and most likely the most famous female superhero ever created. The movie Wonder Woman that came out in 2017 broke records. The Amazon from Themyscira is an iconic comic female character in an art form that used to be completely dominated by men. In the new farce playing at STAGEStheatre Suprema, the domination is definitely coming from the women. As we explore the life of William Marston and his wives/collaborators in the most ridiculous situations.

William Marston (Pat Mannion), Elizabeth Marston (Mary Sherg), Olive Byrne (Jessica Taylor Gable), Max Gaines (Michael Kaye)

William Marston played by Pat Mannion has the idea to create a female super hero named Suprema aka Wonder Woman, but before he can have it published, he has to convince the head of DC comics Max Gaines played by Michael Kaye. Hilarity ensues when Marston’s kinky lifestyle of bondage and his polyamorous relationship threaten to end his chances of creating the iconic character.   

The show has a strong start as we learn about the characters, their relationships, and even some of the characters history all in only about 30 minutes.  Suprema is a very consistent farce in my estimation. Almost every part of this play is about playing up the unique polyamorous relationship Marston has with his two wives back in the 1940’s. While this is a farce and it’s most likely that Marston was not this wacky in real life. It’s well documented that Marston was in a polyamorous relationship and many of the goofy things in this play have some grounding in reality.  


Jessica Taylor Gable who plays both Olive Byrne & Wonder Woman puts on a great performance as this sexually dominant Alpha woman who takes charge and doesn’t take crap from no one.

Michael Kaye’s  as DC executive Max Gaines comic reactions and comedic timings are awesome. I was rolling. Kaye has a real talent for comedy and it’s really highlighted in this production.

Suprema is a quick, fun, straight forward comedy with plenty of jokes, some history and powerful women. What else could you want?   

March 9 – 30, 2019 

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