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A Heart Breaker : The Story of My Life @ Chance Theater in Anaheim – Review

(All photos courtesy of Chance Theater)

Written by Patrick Chavis

Heartstrings, heartstrings, heartstrings — writer Brian Hill hits you and keeps hitting you in the heart until the curtain closes at the end of the production. He understands the heart — or at least a portion of it — in this grounded two-hander about friendship, loss, and life now playing at the Chance Theater in Anaheim through a digital live-streaming production.


The Story of My Life is about two friends, Alvin (Wyn Moreno) and Thomas (Dillon Klena). The story starts with Thomas, a successful author struggling to write a proper eulogy for Alvin, who recently passed away. While struggling to write, a manifestation of Alvin appears to Thomas, and they go on a journey into the past while we watch their friendship unfold on stage through music.

This is a musical. Naturally, the subject matter is done in the most extravagant way possible. Actually, no, not at all. This musical isn’t flashy at all. The show has a simple bookcase with a few chairs and a projector with a blurry background that looks like a distorted painting — possibly a metaphor.


Even the songs feel the weight of the dramatic moments the characters are entangled in. The songs that stood out for me were “Normal,” which was about wanting your weird friend to fit in even though you know there’s nothing wrong with him or “Your Amazing, Tom,” a ballad about how ambition can blind us sometimes from what’s important in life.

Wyn Moreno and Dillon Klena do a fantastic job. The actors move well across the stage, making the scene transitions seamless. There’s so much regret and sadness in this story. A little more levity would have been nice and made the musical’s dramatic moments more powerful.

This show is streamed and live. Be sure to have a decent internet connection. If it starts buffering, you will be unable to rewind your show.

It’s a touching story; the acting is top-notch, and you can watch it from your home. Grab the tissues.

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