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Thank me Later : Noelle Roth’s Dance TikToks

Written by Patrick Chavis

Many talented theatre artists from Orange County and Los Angeles slip through the cracks or don’t get the exposure they deserve. So I’m creating these posts to let people know about these artists. If you know of anything theatre-related in LA and Orange county that is good but overlooked, please message us and let us know. It might appear as a “thank me later post.”

I saw Noelle Roth for the very first time in a production of The Marvelous Wonderettes last year at Vanguard University. The Marvelous Wonderettes is a jukebox musical featuring a four-piece girls’ group from the 1950s. Think of music like the Chordettes or The Angels.   She played the character of Suzy and did a great job with the character. Here’s a quote taken directly from my review.

I  loved Noelle Roth’s bubbly performance of Suzy. She captured the simple but comical essence of the character. It was a pleasure watching her perform on stage.

I recently joined TikTok not too long ago. It took me longer than some to jump on the app but shorter than others. One day I was scrolling through, and Roth started dancing on the screen, and I was like, I’ve seen her before, but from where? And that’s when I remembered the Marvelous Wonderttes, and it clicked. Noelle has a myriad of creative and popular dances on Tiktok and Instagram, and if you know the area, you can pick out certain spots of OC she’s dancing in.

You can follow Noelle on TikTok Noellerothofficial or her Instagram Noellerothofficial.

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