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Best Actress in a Musical 2023: Amanda Godoy (Jutta) In the Green @ Wayward Artist

Photo Credit: The Headshot Truck

Acceptance Speech

I am so thrilled to be accepting the award for Best Actress in a Musical! Thank you so much to OCR for this incredible recognition. In the Green was a piece that grew me as an actor, vocalist, and artist. As a performer, you always hope to one day be part of something that challenges and changes people, and this was that production for me. It was an absolute honor to tell such a powerful story about two remarkable women who lived almost a thousand years ago yet whose message remains so relevant to our current day and age. But the best part was the community that came from this experience. I was so lucky to work with brilliant people that I can call dear friends. Thank you to the amazing cast of In the Green for bringing exceptional artistry and musicianship every single day. You all inspire me so much. Thank you to the wonderful crew for inviting me to be a part of this world and for creating a safe place for us to confront our shadow selves. Thank you to The Wayward Artist for taking on this story. I will forever be grateful. Thank you again for this honor, and thank you for supporting Orange County Theater!

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