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Striking 12 @ The Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach – Review


Photo Courtesy: Laguna Playhouse

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

There are many ways to impress an audience when telling a story. Detailed sets and well-made costumes can get you in the right mood and whisk you to the fantasy land of the creator’s choice. Enhancement of the atmosphere is key. Enhancing the atmosphere without extravagant trimmings and elaborate details is exceptional. For such an experience, one should attend Striking 12.

Striking 12 is a visually simple show with four actors. Each performer stands up onstage playing their respective musical instruments, singing and speaking periodically to tell their story of a young man tired and bored with the mess that often comes along with New Year’s Eve, and so decides to stay home. With a few interactions and consideration of the classic Hans Christian Anderson story The Little Match Girl, the young man begins to reconsider his view of the holiday spirit and the treatment of other people. With all of the instruments set up in plain view and with a slightly electrical rock n roll feel, this is just as much a concert as a play. 

The musical talent featured here is exceptional. The performers display the familiarity and ease of a band going on tour. Some songs seem better, but this is mainly left up to taste. Even classic songs like “The Little Drummer Boy” are given modern revamps, which somehow works. The songs dealing with the feelings of The Little Match Girl create some food for thought, showing us the possibility of an angry side to this worn-down character who, in the original story, is treated wholly as a timid victim of circumstances and the coldness of mankind.   Of course, “angry” does not automatically equal “deep,” but it is an exciting change of pace. It should also be noted that the song she sings is one of the most exciting moments in the show. Whether or not fans of the original short story will agree with this depiction remains to be seen, but it could easily be considered further insight into the mind and heart of someone with agency and a will of their own to live–the little match girl.

The actors remain still at the appropriate times, enabling them to tell the story without overdone costumes and sets effectively. The weakest moments are undoubtedly a few of the more forgettable songs, but the stronger songs and the impressive acting make up for it. This is a solid holiday show that speaks to the mind and the heart.


Date & Location :

December 3rd – 28th

The Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach  

606 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651



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