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APA’s Musical Theater department presents “Pippin” – Video

Synopsis : The title character, here called Pippin, is a naive, inexperienced young man looking to make his mark in the world. He seeks glory and personal fulfillment first as a soldier, then as a lover, and finally as a revolutionary leader promoting progressive social ideas. After every attempt at success has left him disappointed and frustrated, until he is on the brink of utter despair, Pippin finds himself attracted to the widow Catherine and her young son.

Ultimately, he is given a choice between either performing a single great deed that will bring him instant fame and glory but just as instantly cut short his young life, or settling for a long, comfortable, but mediocre existence as a domestic non-entity taking care of his sweet but completely unremarkable family. Taken from Website

Mar 11 – Mar 20, 2016


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Urinetown The Musical @ Cypress College – Video

Synopsis : In the not-so-distant future, a terrible water shortage and 20-year drought has led to a government ban on private toilets and a proliferation of paid public toilets, owned and operated by a single megalomaniac company: the Urine Good Company. If the poor don’t obey the strict laws prohibiting free urination, they’ll be sent to the dreaded and mysterious “Urinetown.” Taken from Website 

March 11 -March 20

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Finding Woyzeck : Woyzeck @ UC Irvine – Review

Written by Mike Martin 

UCI’s recent production of Woyzeck (continuing through next weekend) is a clash of styles and themes. To truly give the show the critique it deserves it is important to note that the play Woyzeck does not exist in any whole form. The author Georg Büchner, died before finishing his final work and it was subsequently finished posthumously by a variety of authors to varying effect. As such, no two productions tend to be the same. The scenes may be flip-flopped, deleted, or expounded upon by anyone with an urge to add a translation credit to their resume. One thing though, does seem to remain constant. Woyzeck is, at its heart, a story of class struggle and the de-humanization the poor suffer at the hands of the establishment. Continue Reading

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Costa Mesa Playhouse Looking For New Performance Space 2017

Written by Patrick Chavis  

“We have been given notice that one of the two buildings we lease from the Newport Mesa School District, housing our dressing room and storage, will be demolished this summer.  In addition, we will only be allowed to renew the lease on the theater building for one year until June 2017.  The school district wants to turn our theater space into a tech center to teach the kids computers, etc.”  – Costa Mesa playhouse President Mike Brown

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DCMS productions presents Urinetown @ The Gem Theatre in Garden Grove – Review

Written by Alina Mae Wilson 

It’s time to welcome a new theater company to the Orange County area.  DCMS (Don’t Cut My Song) Productions has come to town, and they’ve set up shop for their first show over at the Gem Theatre in Garden Grove.   Considering the fact that just last week I was writing about a company leaving Orange County, it’s comforting to see some new groups sidling in to keep our community’s theater culture up and running.  New companies bring new experiences, as DCMS’s production of Urinetown at the Gem Theater demonstrates.  It’s an eye catching show with beautiful costumes and appealing set pieces bountifully sliding across the floor, but some of the main characters needed a bit more polish and energy before going onto the stage. Continue Reading

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Parade: The Musical “This Is Not Over Yet” Featuring Jonathan Fierros and Alexandra Specter

1913, Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-raised Jew living in Georgia, is put on trial for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, a factory worker under his employ. Already guilty in the eyes of everyone around him, a sensationalist publisher and a janitor’s false testimony seal Leo’s fate. His only defenders are a governor with a conscience, and, eventually, his assimilated Southern wife who finds the strength and love to become his greatest champion. Parade is filled with soaring music and a heart-wrenching story, offering a moral lesson about the dangers of prejudice and ignorance that should not be forgotten. Groups looking for powerful, moving theatrical experiences will need to look no further than this unforgettable show. Taken from Website 

Parade runs March 10, 11, and 12 at 7pm in the Fullerton Campus Theatre.

For tickets and information:
Fullerton College Box Office (714) 992-7150

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